Yutracki 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Yutracki 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Yutracki 4G LTE GPS Tracker is suitable for cars that can hear voice in real time, suitable for GPS positioning, anti-theft tracking device modules for cars, trucks, fleet management, motorcycles, pets, the elderly and children

We have excellent customer service and professional technical support. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

GPS trackers are great for managing vehicles, cars, trucks, or anything you want to track.

[3 Months Standby]: 5000mAh ultra-high-capacity rechargeable battery, when fully charged it can be on standby for up to 90 days (without using the device). Regular business hours: 1 to 3 weeks. (Battery life depends on how often the device is used. The higher the frequency, the shorter the battery life. The lower the frequency, the longer the battery life. And the longer the battery life.)

Easily installs in just 10 seconds - simply attach to the vehicle's magnetic metal surface

Including warnings, quality and reports! -Get alerts based on different scenarios.

Do you want to know when your son leaves home? Set up a geofence and email it when this happens.

Would you like to know when your employees will join us? Set up a speed alert so that an alert will be sent via email or SMS when it happens!

Do you want to know when the car starts moving? basic! Set a parking condition detection alarm and you'll get the alarm right away!

Yutracki 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicles
Yutracki 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicles

  •     Why choose 4G locator? It can achieve 0.01s high-speed data transmission, overcome operator restrictions, track unlimited distances in real time, and cover the United States and all countries around the world. Perfectly solve 2G/3G network problems. The $19.9 SIM card is free and gives you a long-term prepaid plan of $9.9 per month or $19.9 per quarter. (To use the SIM we provided, you need to recharge it in the app. You can also use a special SIM.)
  •     Multimode GPS + LBS gives you security. Real-time tracking via website or mobile app (using data from Google Maps). Receive real-time alerts when the tracker crosses the geographical area you specify. Receive distress, low battery, speed, send notifications via app notification, SMS or email. GPS accuracy is up to 16ft - 32ft / 5-10m.
  •     Easy installation Thanks to the powerful magnets, the tracker can be installed quickly and permanently. Just stick it to any iron surface and install in a second! Built-in 5000mAh lithium battery, the longest standby time is 90 days, continuous use: 3-5 days, normal working time: 7-10 days. IP65 waterproof, don't worry about a rainy day.
  •     Multiple functions: The same account can be used to manage multiple devices, which is useful for unified vehicle planning. The historical track has been restarted for 180 days and the location of the vehicle is clear at a glance. The operation of the remote application is simple and convenient. When listening to audio remotely, the device must use a local SIM card.
  •     High-quality and fast customer service: If the device does not work, first check that the SIM card of the device is inserted correctly? Does the device still have power? If the APP is downloaded correctly, you can browse the "Track U" store in the APP to download the software. If you can't solve it, you can contact us and we will help you solve the problem within 12 hours.

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