Robot developer Sophia announces a robot to care for Corona patients
Robot developer Sophia announces a robot to care for Corona patients

The world is moving from heavy industry to entertainment to robotics in all its aspects. But this technology could bring significant benefits in the medical field. A good example is the Grace robot, dedicated to the care of patients isolated from the Corona virus.

The robot was developed by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. This company is considered one of the most important companies in this field, as it designed the robot Sophia and achieved great success.

The success of Sophia the robot has been celebrated around the world after receiving Saudi residency in 2016. Hanson Robotics hopes to replicate this success with the new Grace robot in the medical field.

Grace's new robot is classified as a robot used primarily in nursing. It contains a large number of sensors and a thermal imaging camera placed on the chest. It is specifically designed for the care of elderly people with coronavirus who need to self-isolate.

This robot can speak multiple languages ​​including English and Chinese. In addition to the ability to do speech therapy and drawing.

A robot dedicated to taking care of Corona patients

The Grace robot is designed as a nurse. The main feature of Asians is the shape and design of their faces. Although it may have different features and expressions.

This new robot aims to improve the general condition of patients, in particular through speech therapy. It can also help general health care providers. Hanson Robotics plans to start mass production of new robots in the near future.

The new robot will initially be listed in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets, as well as in Hong Kong. The company did not reveal the price of the robot, but it could be the price of a luxury car.

It shows us the speed of development and the capabilities of robots. This is not only reflected in the robots Sophia and Grace. But it's also happened on robots from other companies like Boston Dynamics and robots from companies like Nuru. In addition, Elon Musk announced that Tesla hopes to develop humanoid robots as soon as possible.

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