Google's share of revenue in apps mimics that of Apple's
Google's share of revenue in apps mimics that of Apple's

Apple has faced a number of legal issues recently, most notably the Epic Games issue. The court ruled that app and game developers are allowed to provide third-party payment methods in the app. And it looks like Google will have to take its own action.

In the previous lawsuit, Epic Games said Google made recommendations to Netflix to reduce the proportion of in-app payments. The complaint includes information about Google's general preference for large companies such as Netflix, Spotify, and Tinder.

Google has also forced app developers to use their own payment system in apps and games. Data leaked by Google showed that its decision to withhold 30% of the payment was completely arbitrary.

The leak shows that any percentage over 6% represents Google's profit from paying. Thus, charging 30% is just emulating Apple and keeping up with its pace. However, the company estimates that Samsung App Store sales are only $100 million while sales are $4 billion.

This shows that the company can reduce its share of sales with relative ease, but is reluctant to do so. Although Android is wide open. However, the company has forced the mobile phone manufacturers to include the Play Store in their phones by default.

Pay through Google Play Store

The company forced smartphone manufacturers to list their official stores and link them to the work of basic applications such as Maps or Gmail. In other words, it forces stores to install these apps on new phones.

On the other hand, the company has banned app developers from redirecting users to other app stores or even other websites where the app can be downloaded. It also prevents developers from communicating directly with users.

In an earlier lawsuit, Apple confirmed that it will allow developers to communicate with users and direct them to any other platform that can make payments through the app. Although Google did not make this feature available, Apple did not emulate it in this regard.

On the other hand, the recent lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games allowed developers to use third-party payment methods. So far there is no information that Google will repeat the same thing.

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