The Metaverse can be a mess
The Metaverse can be a mess

The realities of our lives can contain great problems and challenges. This is associated with high hopes for the future. Where can we avoid these problems when building important future technologies? Perhaps one of the most important technologies that will really affect future technologies is Metaverse technology.

The term Metaverse first appeared in 1992 in the science fiction novel Avalanche by Neil Stevenson. In the events of the novel, people can live in a three-dimensional parallel world far from the real world.

After the sudden and intense interest of big tech companies, this idea quickly becomes a reality. In particular, Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

meaning of metaverse

We can say that the metaverse is a greatly simplified parallel virtual world. It's been called the biggest tech event in years.

Some people compare the Metaverse to a new generation of the Internet. Some critics believe that this is just a revision of the concept of virtual reality. But it is undoubtedly a larger field with a wider range of uses.

This concept is very important in business. Because it can help create a complete picture of the working environment, but in digital form. Tailored glasses and adapted equipment. There is no doubt that Microsoft is one of the major players in business.

Perhaps this technology can save employees from being in the office and corporate headquarters where they work. If this technology was in place during the recent quarantine, it would greatly improve communications.

Most of the major technology companies have announced their entry into this field. And make a copy of its products and services available in this new digital world. But little by little.


Given the company's limited resources and ambition to dominate most of the field, it is expected that more meta universes will become available. This is a serious mess.

Creating the complete metaverse has become very important. The parallel digital world encompasses the products and services of all companies, just like the Internet. However, such innovations require years of development, billions of financing, and deals between major tech companies, the latter being the hardest.

Perhaps game developers are more interested in this field. See what it would be like if people could actually enter the game world.

In addition, the company will be able to make huge profits in this field. Whether it is about entering this world by selling items. Or through the payment that exists in the virtual world being built. But this futuristic field also appears to be wobbly.

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