The most important information about Samsung One UI 4.0 interface
The most important information about Samsung One UI 4.0 interface

Samsung offers one of the best user interfaces on the Android platform. After its mobile phone became known for its weak and slow interface, the company started providing One UI interface in recent years.

The company is currently preparing to launch the fourth version of the user interface One UI 4.0, which will bring significant improvements and new functions. This is based on the fact that Samsung has started rolling out the first beta version of the interface.

The new interface is based on Android 12, which has not yet been released. Hence, the genesis of the beta build depends on the Android beta itself, which is an aspect. On the other hand, the final version of the user interface will be released after the latest version of Android 12.

People familiar with the matter have reported that Samsung will release the first version of One UI 4.0 this year. But maybe it comes too late, some phones are the Galaxy S or Galaxy Z Series flagship foldable phones.

The latest Android 12 beta was released on September 8th. The next version will be the last stable version of Android 12. The first version of One UI 4.0 will be released in a few weeks.

Samsung One UI 4.0 interface

The specialty of One UI 4.0 is that it provides you with a large number of adaptation and change functions. The same goes for the old One UI interface, but in the presence of Android 12, these features will undoubtedly double in size due to the custom Android 12 functions.

Users can get significant changes to the layout and appearance of the system from the new Google You materials. This is in addition to the security and privacy features that Android 12 itself will provide.

Samsung's Android 12 One UI 4.0 provides powerful control over app permissions via the Privacy Dashboard functionality or Privacy Dashboard so that security and privacy settings can be managed from one place.

Samsung has made available a new interface for a large number of smartphones. Especially after Samsung took over, sending three major updates to most of their phones instead of two. You can click here to view the list of devices receiving One UI 4.0 updates.

There is no doubt that the first devices to receive the OneUI 4.0 update will be the latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 devices, followed by the various Galaxy S21 phones.

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