The new Apple Watch supports wireless data transfer
The new Apple Watch supports wireless data transfer

According to documents submitted to the Federal Communications Commission, the new models of the Apple Watch Series 7 are equipped with a new module that can transmit data wirelessly at a frequency of 60.5 GHz. However, this functionality can currently only be used by the company.

These documents indicate that the 60.5 GHz module will only activate if the clock is placed on its own magnetic platform containing the corresponding 60.5 GHz module. But this platform can be reserved for company employees.

For example, Apple Stores can use the platform to restore wireless watches. In this case, it might be interesting to see if the watch model still has a hidden diagnostic port for wired connections.

According to the documentation first discovered by a Barclays analyst, the platform model is the A2687, which is powered by a USB-C port. Deposited at the end of August and shown last week.

The watch's wireless data transmission speed is not clear. However, what we understand is that USB 2.0 speed can be up to 480Mbps.

It's unclear whether the technology will be available in the future as a consumer-oriented feature for the watches or the company's other products, such as the long-rumored mobile iPhone.

Used by Apple for currently unknown internal purposes

I haven't actually seen an Apple Watch Series 7 and checked if Apple removed the physical port. It's hard to tell if this is the company's new technology. Or simply a more convenient way to perform hardware diagnostics for Genius Bar employees.

The company has not yet announced the release date of the Apple Watch Series 7. The company's website does not yet have a technical specifications page for the new model. The company announced that the new model is scheduled to hit the market this fall.

The announcement came when the European Commission announced its intention to require all smartphone manufacturers to use only USB-C ports. Efforts to reduce e-waste.

Along with the current rumors that the company is considering removing all iPhone ports. If Apple wants to avoid the new EU proposal, this could be a more pressing problem. Several theories could emerge about the new 60.5GHz technology.

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