The next Metroid game needs independent inspiration
The next Metroid game needs independent inspiration

The popular Shadow Complex game was previously released in 2009 and has a great side scrolling experience to view the content. It is not a standalone game, but developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games, which made it a hit.

However, some elements of Metroid will undoubtedly make the game a success. The inspiration for this game is not over yet as there will be more than five games based on this category in 2021 alone.

Even Nintendo will release Metroid Fear in October. This can make it very difficult for even the loyal fans of this review to keep up with the release of Metroid games.

Metroid game

Metroid games reviews continue to grow and achieve success. This is a game category that is similar to the original Metroid game.

An independent game developer, Indie, has had similar success. Mainly because in recent years they have been able to develop excellent games in terms of graphics and creativity with very limited resources.

The original Metroid series developed by Nintendo broke new ground for action and platform games. This series takes players to a strange world where great attention is paid to the environment, game world, exploration area and weapons.

Then with the release of the game Super Metroid, the series has gradually matured and reached the highest level, the game features excellent maps, great music and many effects.

There is no doubt that many game studios are trying to offer similar versions of Metroid games. However, Nintendo retained the original set. Today the situation has changed a lot. As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of games that emulate the Metroid experience, and some of them are excellent.

Indie games have been incredibly successful in offering a gaming experience like the original Metroid. Plus, it's definitely a great choice for Nintendo to draw inspiration from these games in the next official Metroid sequel.

Nintendo may be lagging behind in improving the Metroid game experience. In about three years it has not changed or introduced any new features. Despite the great success of the series, Nintendo has released only three versions of the game since 1994.

Metroid Dread arrives on October 9 and may have what Nintendo fans need, but early signs aren't confirming it.

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