The use of artificial intelligence in daily life
The use of artificial intelligence in daily life

Most of us consider AI to be too complex and can only be used by researchers in the lab. However, this area has dozens of uses and appears in hundreds of services that we deal with on a daily basis.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is used in more advanced and complex fields. In particular, technologies such as machine learning and algorithms.

These technologies appear in our daily lives through the applications and services that depend on them. Exceed the expectations of ordinary users. In addition, some regions rely almost exclusively on artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence in everyday life

The complexity and functionality of AI models vary. However, they do appear in apps and services that some consider simple. The first example is navigation and map services.

In fact, services like Google Maps use this technology to calculate many variables. For example, the speed of the car or the degree of congestion in some streets and places. In addition, these technologies are also used to calculate the time it will take for the driver to reach the destination.

The same technology has appeared in ride-hailing apps like Uber. The application relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to calculate the total amount that the user will have to pay for the trip. It is also used to calculate waiting time.

Uber's director of machine learning said the app relies on data collected from millions of past trips to determine many things, such as the ideal route or the cost of a trip.

Photography, email, etc.

3D imaging technology is also based on artificial intelligence. Many applications can transform an image from its natural 2D position into a 3D object that can move interactively.

Facial recognition technology is perhaps one of the core technologies based on artificial intelligence. It is used for features like Face ID in iPhones. or Windows Hello on a desktop computer.

On the other hand, all language assistance technologies are based on these techniques. Including Apple's personal assistant Siri, Google Assistant, from Amazon to Alexa.

Artificial intelligence technology is used in email management applications. This is used to identify spam and move it to the spam folder. In addition to relying on similar technologies in banking applications.

Currently, the field of self-driving vehicles is one of the most important fields that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. This area is expected to grow strongly in the next few years.

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