Xpeng wants to make a unicorn robot for kids
Xpeng wants to make a unicorn robot for kids

Xiaopeng Motors has presented its vision for the future of mobility. The Chinese electric car maker has announced that it will release a four-legged rhino robot for children in the hope that it will be their first smart car.

Several years ago, Boston Dynamics showed off a robot called BigDog, which was designed to haul cargo over rough terrain. Places not accessible by wheeled vehicles. It is strong enough to carry human occupants.

But the plan was cancelled. In fact, the robot is too loud for military exercises to be conducted in stealth mode.

Then the technology that powers BigDog entered the smartest and quietest four-legged robot dog, Spot. But he can't ride.

Xiaopeng Motors appears to have found a way to fill this very special niche market of the company's robotics division.

Xiaopeng Motors said that the Xiaopeng robot that developed the robot is also helping to create a robot ecosystem based on the activities of the smart electric car to start up.

The company says it is entering the field of robotics by making full use of its technology and expanding its capabilities in autonomous driving, speech recognition and smart manufacturing.

The company aims to produce a four-legged, stabilizing, slow-moving rhino robot.

The company said this smart rhinoceros named "Little White Dragon" is equipped with a power unit, motion control, intelligent movement and intelligent emotional interaction.

Although Xiaopeng has not shown a physical copy of the rhino robot, he has released a video and screenshots of the game.

The company also did not disclose the size of the product. But the video shows it's the size of a child. The robot's production and marketing plan has yet to be announced.

Xpeng wants to make a unicorn robot for kids

The CEO said Xiaopeng envisions his robot products will take on more household chores and interact with people on an emotional level in the future.

The company emphasized that bots are not easy. But it has the ambition to create an ecosystem around self-driving.

When fully autonomous driving is achieved in the future, there will be many activities that can be linked to leadership. Self-driving cars are becoming increasingly popular.

Last month, Baidu's CEO revealed his vision for future mobility with an automated car prototype. He said it looked more like a robot than a car.

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