Twitter is testing a visual timeline based on content
Twitter is testing a visual timeline based on content

Twitter is exploring ways to create a visually immersive experience with its latest test bringing immersive tweets to iOS apps.

After nearly two months of internal testing, the platform has conducted field tests on the new full-width viewer screen of the tweets.

Therefore, testing allows visual content to take up more space to replace tweets while removing existing rounded corners from the screen.

The new visual design takes up the horizontal space for tweets, making photos and videos even more important.

“We can make better use of the space in tweets to focus on your post and what you want to say, while also including the timeline in larger photos and videos,” the platform said. Tweets.

The test looked at how the platform supports different conversations by making more room for tweets with photos, videos, and text.

As mentioned earlier, the platform has tested the updated display format. Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong shared a photo of the testing process in July.

In addition, the design is somewhat similar to that of Facebook. It seems to cancel out some of the differences, especially the rounded corners of the current screen.

This change prompts you to rethink how you use images in tweets and how users interact with them, which could be a new consideration for digital marketers and artists.

Twitter is testing a visual timeline based on content

The platform is experimenting with new visual effects that started with their fleet experience. Speaking about the fleet closure announcement, he said he wanted to integrate some elements of the fleet's operation with other aspects of the platform.

"People love to quickly share photos and videos to spark discussion on the platform," Twitter said. We'll be testing the tweet editor and camera updates soon to integrate the Fleet Editor functionality. Examples include full-screen cameras, text format options, and GIF stickers.

The next step might be to provide a full screen Tweet. And add visual effects similar to the story, such as: b. attachments. To provide more platform options in this regard.

In addition, the platform indicated that the test is currently available via iOS. Expansion to Android is planned in the near future.

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