Twitter rolls out safety mode to block abusive accounts
Twitter rolls out safety mode to block abusive accounts

Twitter has introduced a new feature called Safe Mode that will temporarily ban certain accounts for 7 days if those accounts repeatedly abuse users or send hateful comments.

The company stated in a blog post that the feature is available to a small group of English users on iOS, Android and the web.

According to Twitter product manager Jarrod Doherty, users who post duplicate replies or mentions will also be banned.

Doherty explained that if you enable this feature in your settings, our system will assess the potential for negative interactions by examining the content of the Tweet and the relationship between the Tweet author and the reply.

"Our technology takes into account existing relationships," he added. As a result, accounts that you frequently follow or interact with frequently are not automatically locked. Our technology has determined that the malicious tweet writer is blocked, which means that they can temporarily not follow your account, view your tweets, or send you private messages.

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Doherty stated that the unpopular tweets got in the way of the conversation the platform wanted from users.

This has led to the development of safe mode tools and other features that have been added over the past few years to keep people safe.

Users can learn more about reported tweets and accounts in safe mode. As soon as the safe mode lock expires, you will be notified. The platform will also send a summary of the situation before the period ends.

We can make mistakes, Doherty said. Therefore, you can view and remove the auto-lock in safe mode at any time in the settings. We also regularly monitor the accuracy of the Safe Mode system to improve our detection skills.

"We hope you enjoy the healthy dialogue," he added. So this test is a way for us to reduce annoying and unwanted interactions that can interrupt these conversations. Our goal is to better protect those who receive Tweets by limiting the spread and visibility of harmful language.

Twitter rolls out safety mode to block abusive accounts

Over the past few years, Twitter has worked with human rights organizations to get feedback on its platform and what changes need to be made to better protect users from discrimination, racism, and other endemic issues.

The company has also set up a Trust and Security Committee to encourage some changes in the security posture to reduce the possibility of tampering.

The board also named Twitter accounts to be the first group of users to enter safe mode, with a particular focus on making the tool available to people from marginalized communities and female journalists.

ARTICLE 19 of the Digital Human Rights organization said it made comments on the security situation to ensure it included measures to limit freedom of expression while fighting online harassment against women and journalists.

"The security model is another step in the right direction to make the platform a safe place to engage in public conversations," she added. And don't worry about abuse.

Doherty noted that the platform has also been involved in other discussions about how women can customize their experiences through the site. Thanks to tools like Safe Mode.

When the platform is provided to a larger user base, it monitors the use of the tool during processing.

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