Twitter wants to prevent tweets from disappearing while reading
Twitter wants to prevent tweets from disappearing while reading

Twitter plans to resolve people's long-standing complaints through its mobile app.

If you use the platform's mobile apps frequently, you may have noticed that tweets sometimes disappear while you're reading.

This happens when your timeline is updated, and it often happens when a lot of people reply to a tweet.

"We know it was a frustrating experience," the company said. So we are working hard to change it and have added that several updates will be rolled out over the coming months to address this issue.

The platform did not say what these changes might look like. But it promises that it can keep your schedule up to date while preventing tweets from disappearing while reading.

The company says that tweets can raise the timeline while adding replies to ongoing conversations. Since some conversations can be done quickly, the same Tweet will not appear in the timeline.

In response to a user's tweet, the company's support account explained the problem it was trying to solve more simply: We want you to stop and read the tweet without it disappearing.

However, it is not clear what changes the platform plans to make. However, those affected by the disappearance of tweets can look forward to these corrections.

Twitter has released a timeline update to address this issue

The platform has tested several new features over the past few months. For example, the company recently announced that it will begin testing a fan removal tool this month. It has also recently started offering its community features to users.

The company recently started releasing a new timeline look very similar to Facebook's Newsfeed.

The new timeline design can capture photos, videos, and GIFs and place them in full screen mode. This change provides a borderless design for the app, eliminating borders on both sides.

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