WhatsApp wants you to read your voice memos
WhatsApp wants you to read your voice memos

It is reported that Facebook's WhatsApp platform is developing a feature that can provide transcriptions of the received audio message so that you can easily read what is being said without playing it out loud.

The functions discovered by WABetaInfo are currently being developed for iOS. It is not clear when it will be able to offer a beta version of the platform to iPhone users or when it will reach Android.

According to the image shared by WABetaInfo, this feature works by sending voice data to Apple to process your request rather than sending it to parent company Facebook.

The caveat is that this data also helps Apple improve speech recognition technology.

Since the feature has not been officially announced, it is not clear how data sent to Apple will be protected. Voicemail messages are currently protected by end-to-end encryption.

Voicemail is a useful feature of the platform, especially when you need to send long messages and can't choose. However, sometimes this can cause problems for recipients who do not have headphones and cannot listen to the message out loud, or if they do not have time to listen to the entire audio message.

WhatsApp wants you to read your voice memos

Voice Transcription allows people to silently view the content of voice messages. Or report important details later without editing the audio.

WABetaInfo reports that audio transformations will be saved to the device after they are created. The text fragment can easily access certain parts of the message. This is similar to other automatic transcription software such as Google Recorder or Otter.ai. This way, you can click on a word to go to the point in time at which it was said in the recording.

Currently, WhatsApp voicemail messages can only be converted into written messages using third-party software.

There is currently no evidence of similar functionality in the WhatsApp for Android app. However, due to functional parity between applications on different platforms, WABetaInfo expects that some features may also be released soon.

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