Why can't you choose your phone specifications the way you want?
Why can't you choose your phone specifications the way you want?

Technological development constantly requires the most accurate specifications and the highest possible performance from us. Whether it is on a PC, laptop or even a gaming platform, in recent years we have started to meet the demand for mobile phone specifications, and these specifications have changed a lot as well.

However, the smartphone system is the least customized for users. Since every company markets many cell phones with specific specifications, users cannot choose the specifications they don't need, such as when building a new desktop computer.

Additionally, the laptop is highly customizable. Because some of its components can be updated or changed. And some manufacturers allow their customers to choose specifications based on their preferences.

In general, it would be ideal to be able to freely choose the ideal specifications of the smartphone. But why hasn't that happened yet? Why does the company not provide this service?

Why can't you choose the specifications of the phone?

Smartphone manufacturers need to split the phone's interior by adding components. For this reason, the interior design of the smartphone is as personalized as possible.

This means that the phone's motherboard is designed to fit the inside of the phone's case as tightly as possible. Phone companies rarely report designs. Instead, they change the interior design with each generation.

This is the main reason for the old, slimmer and prettier version. With these factors in mind, mobile phones should have a proper cooling system to prevent overheating, which also requires some internal space.

Therefore, the user cannot build a smartphone according to his desires and specifications. This may require an internal SoC that is not compatible with the motherboard being used. And the motherboard may not be compatible with the design chosen by the customer, etc.

The situation may change in the future. But that won't happen until big tech companies embrace the idea. This is what happened to Google and its Ara project.

Why can't you choose your phone's specifications however you like?

The idea behind this extraordinary project is to provide great control over the phone's specifications, removing and installing parts as needed so that users can upgrade if the phone specification is insufficient.

However, like dozens of other projects, this one made it to Google's graveyard. We don't know if we'll see similar projects again, whether it's Google or someone else.

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