Will Apple developers benefit from changes to the App Store?
Will Apple developers benefit from changes to the App Store?

Apple has announced a $100 million settlement with a small app developer that brought a class-action lawsuit against it that has drawn attention. In addition to announcing several changes to the App Store policy.

In the changes announced by the company, developers can now contact customers directly and get their opinion on alternative payment methods. So use the data your app collects. This was prevented earlier.

The company also pledged to maintain the App Store Small Business program. Which is working to reduce its commission to 15 percent for developers who make less than a million dollars a year for three years.

Most experts assume that this policy will not have a significant long-term impact.

Apple has not revealed how many developers have fallen into the small software category with sales of less than $1 million. However, there are reports that they reached 98% and only account for 5% of all App Store sales.

In addition, the settlement amount will not affect Apple as long as it can still receive the 30% tax rate.

Apple won't make it easy for developers

Although the company is now allowing developers to use the contact information provided in the app to discuss alternative payment methods for subscriptions with users outside the app. However, if the developers want to sell something in the app, they still need to use their payment method. This enables him to receive commissions automatically.

This is still the main issue that many developers support. In fact, in-app purchases and subscriptions are a very profitable financial resource. Most of the built-in subscription based apps are free apps. It depends on customers buying and subscribing through the company's payment mechanism.

Due to the huge profits offered by the App Store, Apple will not make it easy for developers to remind users to use other payment methods in their apps.

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