YouTube competes with Twitch for content creators
YouTube competes with Twitch for content creators

Tim Petar, better known as TimTheTatMan, is one of the most popular Twitch live streamers. After 9 years working with Twitch, he will focus exclusively on YouTube Gaming.

Last year, the average beta watched on Twitch was 34,634. The total watch time is over 60 million hours.

The move came days after one of the major operators, Ben Lupo (or DrLupo), announced that it would also switch from an Amazon-owned platform to a Google-owned platform.

The trial version premieres on September 2nd. Betar left Twitch, leaving the seven million followers he had amassed on Amazon's own platform.

But Betar will not start from scratch on the Google platform. She has 3.8 million subscribers.

Petar said the move allowed him to spend more time with his family. "When I first started working, I didn't have any family obligations and could play for hours at a time," he added. But with my wife and children, it is difficult for me to continue broadcasting.

YouTube competes with Twitch for content creators

In an interview with The Washington Post, Lobo also noted that his YouTube gaming deal gives him more family time, and said the deal offered to him would protect him for life.

The transfer of TimTheTatMan and DrLupo follows previous transfers of Jack Dunlop alias CouRage and Rachel Hofstetter alias Valkyrae.

These broadcasts indicate that YouTube Gaming can increase its investment to attract celebrities to the platform. Watch time on YouTube Gaming is still much lower than on Twitch. Therefore, a new platform conversion could help fill this gap.

In appreciation of the decision, Twitch shared a bunch of Petar's videos on Twitter, including a special moment when he won the Fall Guys contest.

A Twitch spokesperson said in a statement, “It’s great to see what TimTheTatman has achieved since joining Twitch in 2012, from marrying the love of his life to greeting the birth of his child or the trials and tribulations of his first I championship.” I am so excited to be a member of Twitch Tim community and we are proud of what he has done for the game.

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