Alienware reimagines its flagship gaming PC Aurora
Alienware reimagines its flagship gaming PC Aurora

To celebrate the Dell brand's 25th anniversary, Alienware has announced a redesign of its flagship Aurora gaming desktop.

The new design is based on more industry-standard components and layouts that are common features of some of the best gaming PCs.

It should be noted that the device is not yet sold. But he must be part of Aurora's next flagship.

While the power supply used in current Aurora hardware makes this part difficult to upgrade or replace, the redesigned model does not.

However, it is not entirely clear if the company has switched to standard ATX power supplies.

Most future Aurora specifications have not been announced by Alienware. It has an updated status and the internal volume is 1.5 times the current font.

The case's exterior is nearly symmetrical, with a familiar beauty up front. But there is now an optional transparent side panel that lets you see all the components.

The new design measures 23.2 x 20.1 x 8.86 inches (589 x 510 x 225 mm) and weighs 15.5 kg. It's much larger than the Alienware R10, which measures 18.9 x 17 x 8.77 inches. The new chassis also looks more angular than the previous design.

The new housing also allows for more RGB light displays. Previous devices had up to four lighting zones, while glass-paneled models allowed up to eight.

Alienware celebrates its 25th anniversary

Aside from the fact that it has graphics cards up to RTX 3090, Alienware has yet to talk about the specifications.

Depending on the setup, the system includes up to four 120mm fans. There is also a liquid cooling option with a built-in cooler. Therefore, at least one of these fans can be connected to the coolant.

Alienware claims that liquid cooling reduces noise by 13-16% when idle and by 9% when the processor is under heavy load, compared to the R10 and R12.

The company also promised to use liquid cooling to reduce the temperature of the processor. You can also overclock the processor. According to Alienware, the CPU cooler is 13% quieter than previous overclocked models.

The company uses a special plate and the electrical conductor is placed on the edge for cleaner cable management and better air circulation. Alienware claims that this will allow the front port to be connected to a processor without a front panel, which could mean the oddly shaped panel that was used in its previous design can still be used.

We can find more information about the larger and redesigned Aurora later this year. Including scalability as well as cost and equipment.

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