Facebook calls for better regulation of social media
Facebook calls for better regulation of social media

In the controversy surrounding Facebook's approach to reviewing and expanding content on its platform, the social network has released two new announcements calling for stronger government regulation of the tech industry while trying to get people behind the decision-making process at Humanize.

The company has released two new videos of employees having issues reviewing content. The clip first shows each employee a photo of his family members and then quickly summarizes their work and attitude towards the company.

According to Rochelle in Part 1, you should be able to understand who your data belongs to and how they use it. Federal law can guide us and other platforms so we can take a unified approach.

In the second video, Enterprise Content Manager Jack explains: We've made a lot of tough decisions. We work within the scope of freedom of expression and content review. We were trying to figure out where to go. I don't know if it is right for a private company like Facebook to impose these restrictions.

Music, light and shapes are designed to encourage more human and human connection with these challenges while highlighting that the company employs 40,000 people dedicated to solving these problems. You are as smart and disciplined as Rochelle and Jack. He is not a faceless giant who wants to rule the world.

Facebook supports creativity and competition

This represents an even more aggressive and dismissive stance on the part of Facebook's public relations staff in the face of allegations made by former product manager Francis Hoggin, who leaked a series of internal research reports about Facebook's work to learn the impact of its platform.

According to Hawking, these internal documents show that the company is well aware of the damage its apps can do. But she hesitated to act, noting that it might have a potential impact on her results.

The company has denied the allegations and asserted that such research is being conducted to make improvements. But many commentators have criticized Facebook for responding to Hugin's attack and aggressive tone in its attempt to clear up misunderstandings.

This new approach appears to solve this problem by offering a different perspective to the company's efforts that have identified the need to update Internet regulations.

The company said that in our quest to make progress, we know we can't and shouldn't do it alone. This is why we support regulations that set clear and fair rules for everyone. We support an open, secure, and reliable Internet that allows creativity and competition to flourish.

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