Amazon has updated Echo Frames to make calls easier
Amazon has updated Echo Frames to make calls easier

Amazon has announced that it has updated its Echo Frames. These Alexa-enabled glasses are equipped with small speakers and microphones and have new quality of life functions, such as:

As more and more earplugs, smart glasses, and other types of wearable technology tend to be virtual assistants, it's no surprise that Amazon continues to invest in Echo Frames.

In addition to increasing the style selection, the company released a software update that added several new useful features.

When Smart Echo tires were first widely used, there weren't many styles, colors and sizes to choose from.

The new feature will be released on November 10. On the same day, Amazon released the new Echo Frames Gray Quartz and Pacific Blue colors for $249.99.

In addition to the existing tortoiseshell tires. These new colors are available for new polarized sunglasses lens options and blue light filters for $269.99.

You can now order the existing Modern Tortoise Echo frames with sunglasses or light blue lenses.

These lens options were introduced earlier this year. This is true but so far only for black box options.

Amazon adds Color Echo Frames and new functionality

Other new features include a single long press on the Echo Frames touchpad to call priority contacts. And the ability to change the Echo Frames warning word from Alexa to Echo.

The automatic sound function of the glasses has also been updated. They adjust during the hearing to help beat the noise of a noisy environment, not just at first.

If you flip the glasses over, the glasses automatically switch to standby mode. But now it's easier to wake up just by applying it to your face.

In the coming months, the hands-free text messaging functionality available on Android will be extended to iOS.

In addition, the company said that the new features will be available to owners of new and existing Echo Frames.

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