Amazon hosts DJ to compete with the Clubhouse
Amazon hosts DJ to compete with the Clubhouse

Amazon appears to be next in the list of companies involved in live audio games. The company is developing a new app called Project Mic.

This application allows anyone to become a DJ, create and broadcast live radio programs with music.

It is clear that the main objective of this project is to democratize and reinvent the audiovisual sector. The app initially focused on the United States.

Listeners can stream via the app in addition to Audible, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Alexa. Alexa devices allow listeners to interact with the program using their voice.

The driving experience in the app is also improving, capitalizing on Amazon's attempt to reinvent the idea of ​​radio. Users can also search for content by topic, name or music.

Content creators can play songs from Amazon's huge music library. The company plans to hire talent, celebrities, and content producers to help roll out the app and deliver the content.

Although the app is very music oriented. But the company plans to focus on three other areas, namely pop culture, comedy and sports.

Axios first reported that Amazon was working to develop some kind of real-time audio functionality. He pointed out that the company is working with record companies to coordinate live events with artists.

Thanks to this app, Amazon has joined the ranks of companies like Apple and Spotify. These companies work with musicians to deliver performances and try to digitally reproduce the streaming experience.

In the case of Amazon, discounts can be offered based on where the person resides and they can also receive ads based on that location.

Amazon wants to redesign the radio

The Clubhouse came up with the idea of ​​live sound. But you haven't found a way to let people play music from top artists through the app.

It's also more about being a social network than a place that caters to all of someone's audio needs.

At the same time, Spotify seems interested in controlling and transcribing typical radio use cases. The company runs a daily morning show that combines personalized music recommendations and a talk show called The Get Up.

Earlier this month, a waiting list began selling the Bluetooth-equipped Car Thing.

Amazon also sells the Echo Auto, a Bluetooth-enabled device for this car. But it has not released a new version since its inception.

It's also working with car manufacturers to outfit Alexa cars, which could help this new app attract listeners.

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