Apple's madness in the service sector
Apple's madness in the service sector

In the past few years, Apple has been very successful. Here the company has succeeded in increasing its value to more than one trillion US dollars and to more than two trillion US dollars in a short period of time and continues to grow.

But there is no doubt that Apple has reached this stage and it needs a major update. The way the company operates has changed a lot. In addition, the company's main focus now is not to allow users to purchase iPhones. On the contrary, it urges them on the one hand to immerse themselves in its software environment, and on the other hand, it urges them to immerse themselves in its paid services.

The company has found tremendous growth opportunities in the service sector. In fact, the company currently offers a variety of paid services. On the other hand, there are more than a billion active iPhones and millions of other devices such as iPads and MacBooks.

But the company's madness in this area prompted it to take measures that surprised some. For example, show ads in the Settings app, including popular ads that get people to subscribe to Apple Music.

If the bill says anything, it reflects the greed of a company worth more than $2 trillion. There is no doubt that Apple wants every user to subscribe to all of its paid services, which is not surprising given that the company's services are already very good, so some may find it very successful. .

Apple's madness in the service sector

Apple offers a variety of services, we can bundle the main Apple Music service, arcade game service, TV + video streaming service, iCloud + and their multiple functions, as well as Fitness + and News + services. It is sport and news.

The company's traditional services (such as iCloud) are also more attractive to buyers, and iCloud + does not get any additional storage space, but offers more security and data protection functions. This area is undoubtedly very important for the company and has always positioned itself as a leading company.

It may not hurt Apple by switching some basic functions of its mobile phones to paid services. Especially since many companies around the world offer paid services that compete with Apple. But the company spokesperson "Are you on a paid service...or is it a paid service from a company that sells you cell phones and is notorious for maintaining secrecy?" "

The company has suffered from repeated monopoly affairs and continues to do so. Perhaps most noticeable is the legal battle with Epic Games. As we all know, the company has a monopoly on apps on iPhone and iPad that are different from Android.

The App Store itself is perhaps one of the most important, if not the most important, services in business. If we look at the regions supported by the provision of paid services, we will find that the Cupertino giant covers most of them.

There are reports that the company's first car could be seen in 2024, which will follow in the same footsteps as the iPhone. Because the company considers it a service and benefits from it.

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