Apple M1 Max processor is better than graphics card
Apple M1 Max processor is better than graphics card

The new Apple M1 Max processor, which was announced at the last conference, was the real surprise of this conference for its outstanding performance.

Apple says its new processors can outperform discrete graphics hardware, whether from Nvidia or AMD.

Until we personally see and test how well the processor performs, these claims are still just Apple's announcements of its upcoming processors.

But some tests have been leaked and there are tests on the performance of the new processor which is much better than the RTX 3070 laptop.

The performance and advantages of the new Apple M1 Max processor compared to graphics cards

Reddit users have posted a number of test results with the GFXbench graphics card test app, and these are the results of the M1 Max processor.

There is no information about the veracity of these results, so you will have to doubt the results until the device is officially released.

However, if these results are correct, we are facing a new type of graphics processor that can change the competitive landscape of laptops.

And if you compare the results of Nvidia or AMD cards with the results of the new processors from Apple, you will find that they are slightly better or close to the mobile processor RTX 3070.

The new processor was tested with the metallic engine developed by Apple itself, instead of the usual open-source OpenGL engine.

Therefore, you can find that these results are significantly improved or improved due to the use of the Apple Metal Graphics Engine and may be slightly different from other engines.

And these aren't the only results for Apple's new processors, because Geekbench test results for graphics, CPU, and hardware testing were published a few days ago.

The Apple M1 Max processor scored more than 1,740 points in the single-core test and 11,542 in the multi-core test.

And if you compare these results with the results of the old Apple processor, you will find that the performance of the M1 Max is 60% better than this processor.

But what's really surprising is that the results shown in the figure above apply to laptops that consume no more than 140 watts.

The RtX 2080 GPU consumes more than 250 watts = twice the power consumption of an Apple processor.

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