Edward Snowden warns of the consequences of weakening encryption
Edward Snowden warns of the consequences of weakening encryption

Edward Snowden warned that breaking the encryption system to allow the government to access people's personal information would be a fatal mistake with grave consequences.

“Privacy is strength,” Edward Snowden of Russia said via video link at a press conference on the first World Crypto Day.

At the same time, governments around the world are calling on tech giants to give them access to encrypted information.

Many countries require "back doors" that allow them to bypass encryption.

Snowden claimed that the United States, the European Union, Australia, Russia and China are all trying to develop methods and methods that require weak encryption systems.

Tech companies argue that end-to-end encryption protects messages during delivery so that only their intended recipients can see them, which is important for ensuring user privacy.

However, the government is concerned that technology prevents law enforcement from investigating serious crimes such as terrorism and child sexual abuse.

The use of end-to-end encryption has long been the focus of discussions between government and big tech companies.

"Confidentiality has to be a personal strength," Snowden said. It must protect us from the giants of order, both in modern times and in the past.

He added, “This is a buffer layer for those of us who have little power in society because we are individuals and we have the freedom to think, act and share.”

In 2013, the former intelligence agent revealed secret documents describing the surveillance plan to journalists. Operated by the National Security Agency for the use of cell phones and Internet connections.

Snowden is called a hero by some. He is a traitor in the eyes of others.

Edward Snowden attacks tech companies

In a speech to Facebook and other tech giants, Snowden said that companies that have worked hard over the years to spread cryptocurrency are now concerned about the next step.

"Companies like Facebook want to get as much information as possible," he added. This now limits where you can use end-to-end encryption. She said we do end-to-end encryption for things I'm not commercially responsible for.

His comments appear to conflict with Facebook's support for encryption. The company plans to introduce end-to-end encryption in all of its messaging apps, which has met with fierce opposition from officials in the US and UK.

Last year, the United States and its allies issued a statement calling on technology companies to develop a solution that would allow law enforcement to access encrypted information.

The European Union is pushing the tech industry to find ways to give law enforcement access to digital evidence. This does not prevent or weaken encryption.

After criticism from data protection officials, Apple recently postponed its intention to search users' devices for child sexual exploitation images.

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