Apple Payments at risk in Europe due to NFC
Apple Payments at risk in Europe due to NFC

Apple often suffers from monopoly problems, and perhaps the space war with Epic Games is proof of that. In addition, the company does not allow users to download apps on iOS from outside of its Store, which again resulted in proprietary fees.

EU lawmakers are perhaps the most harsh on Apple and other companies. They also began to be interested in another service from the company, Apple Pay for payment.

In fact, the European Commission launched an investigation into Apple Payments on the grounds that the company endorses its own payment service and subsidizes its payment service by blocking access to the iPhone's built-in NFC chip and prioritizing other payment services. Payment service depends.

The investigation began last year. The results of the investigation did not appear to be of benefit to the US giant, as the European Competition Authority ruled that Apple was accused of anti-competitive behavior in its NFC chip technology.

The European Commission has reportedly begun work on a draft statement of objections. But no one knows what will happen to Apple Pay yet, but the company may need to offer this service to its competitors in some way.

Apple uses NFC technology

As we all know, the iPhone has an NFC chip dedicated to connecting to the surrounding devices. But this part of the market has long been limited to the company's products and services.

However, this functionality is now provided across services and apps such as App Clips, CarPlay, and even the COVID-19 notification system. However, in order for developers to use NFC chips in iPhone mobiles, they have to request "authorization" directly from Apple.

Even if the developer has the necessary permissions, the internal framework of CoreNFC prevents support for each payment service and its various systems.

While there are many users who do not use NFC functions, it is really useful. In fact, the company offers many trustworthy apps and services. On the other hand, no service related to payment or wire transfer can simply obtain an NFC license, and Apple prefers its Apple Wallet platform.

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