Google has to do its best to convince us to buy Pixel 6
Google has to do its best to convince us to buy Pixel 6

The Google meeting is scheduled to air on October 19 at 8:00 PM UK time. At that press conference the new Google Pixel 6 phone was finally announced and there will be two versions of the regular version and the pro version.

Google is facing major challenges in convincing users to switch to Pixel phones instead of other Android phones and iPhones. Perhaps this is because Google has not paid enough attention to its smartphones yet.

This may have appeared in the prices and specifications of these phones as the Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and even Pixel 5 phones topped the list, but it's not the most innovative. Less than the lowest price for the iPhone category in the same year.

Additionally, Pixel phones perform better in terms of camera and image performance as well, especially on software. On the other hand, they are not the most common, especially the problems that Google has had in spreading its products around the world.

As we all know, Pixel phones are the name and trademark of Google. However, Google was never responsible for the entire design and manufacture of its phones. Nexus phones from 2010 to 2015 came from third-party manufacturers, and this situation continued into 2019.

Pixel 6 present and future

The Pixel 3A was launched in 2019 and is the first mobile phone developed entirely by multiple teams within Google, including former HTC engineers and designers.

But this phone is modest in terms of specs and performance, with a price tag of $399. But it seems that Google is starting to take the smartphone market more seriously. Pixel 6 smartphones are all-round flagship smartphones.

Google's Pixel is perhaps the most ambitious phone from Google since the Nexus series. This shows us how much the company cares about the new version. In addition, this phone is the biggest announcement since the Pixel 5.

Google's spending on ad campaigns doesn't seem like an easy task, with Rick Osterloo, the company's chief materials officer, telling The Verge that the company is willing to invest heavily in marketing to drive brand growth.

The design of the Pixel 6 is not found in any other smartphone from any other company. The design is undoubtedly an aesthetic thing and depends on the taste of the user, but the general opinion about the design is positive.

In addition to the design, Google also has a processor developed by Google in its new phone, the Tensor, and of course the performance of this processor may not be as good as the performance of the main Qualcomm processor in expensive Android phones, but with the presence of this processor indicates how far Google is developing hardware in Pixel 6.

According to the news, Pixel phones will come with a variety of distinct software features, which is to be expected because in this case Google is developing its own phones, developing its own processor, and developing its own Android system, which is great. expertise. user. .

Will the phone be successful

Nobody can be sure if the Pixel 6 will succeed or fail, but it's all in the hands of Google. Pixel phones need a lot of marketing to fill in the gaps in recent years. As we all know, Pixel phones generally have a small share of the smartphone market, and phones are generally sold in some countries.

There is no doubt that Google needs to improve its distribution and sales strategy. Since previous Pixel phones were officially launched in a few markets,

According to reports, Google will produce 7 million new phones, which is a large volume but not much compared to its competitors. In short, Google needs to actively promote new phones in order to make them available in different markets and to provide an attractive user experience.

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