Apple search ads are increasing due to privacy changes
Apple search ads are increasing due to privacy changes

Search ads for Apple's in-house ad service appear to benefit from privacy changes in 2021 as the company's market share continues to grow at a time when rival advertising firms struggle to target ads to potential customers.

The company's internal advertising division more than tripled its market share in six months when it introduced privacy changes to the iPhone that prevented competitors, including Facebook, from promoting to consumers.

An internal company called Search Ads has sponsored positions that appear at the top of search results on the App Store.

The branch is a platform for measuring the effectiveness of mobile marketing. It said Apple's internal processes are now responsible for 58% of all iPhone app downloads that are downloaded from ad clicks. Their share was 17% a year ago.

The app advertising market is huge and growing rapidly. Another analyst firm, AppsFlyer, estimates that spending on mobile app marketing on iPhone and Android phones reached $58 billion in 2019. It could double to $118 billion by the year.

Meanwhile, Evercore ISI researchers said Apple could generate $5 billion in revenue from its promotional activities this fiscal year and $20 billion in annual revenue within three years. .

After the company said it prevented users from tracking ads by default, ads became more attractive with Apple, a move that hurt competitors like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Yahoo and Twitter.

Apple doubled its market share in app ads

Data on how users respond to ads is now delayed for up to 72 hours and only aggregated data can be provided. Then it happens precisely in real time.

In return, iPhone manufacturers provide detailed information to anyone who subscribes to their advertising services. Apple authorizes itself because it is not subject to the same guidelines as any other ad network.

EasyPark is one of the apps that has doubled Apple spending since April. The brand manager said that this strategy resulted in the highest ad conversion rate. The efficiency of reaching iPhone customers was hacked by Google, so we cut our budget.

In a statement accompanying the report, Apple insisted that its privacy features are designed to keep users safe. The company said these technologies are part of a single integrated system designed to help developers implement safe advertising practices and protect users. Not suitable for Apple.

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