What happens after Apple spent two years developing the MacBook?
What happens after Apple spent two years developing the MacBook?

Apple plays an important role in the global PC market. About the desktop Mac version and the portable MacBook version. Tomorrow the company will host an event to introduce a range of new products to the market.

Expectations are that the company will release a number of upgraded Mac computers. It could be a good time to approach the holiday season, and new products are usually bought during this season.

In addition, more computers are expected to arrive in the market that rely on custom Apple processors instead of Intel processors.

It should be noted that with the extremely powerful M1 processor, Apple was able to significantly increase sales of all versions of Mac computers. According to Tim Cook, the company's CEO, the value of Apple Mac computers sold was $26 billion, up from $19.59 billion a year earlier.

Over the past couple of years, many people feared that Apple would abandon Mac computers in exchange for interest in developing the iPad or paying more attention to fast-growing areas such as smartwatches, but it hasn't. Especially since the Xcode iPhone and iPad app development platform is only available for Mac computers.

MacBook development from Apple

Analysis shows that MacBook computers will receive major updates in 2021 compared to the previous period. Here Apple relied on the M1 chipset in 2019. Since then, Apple has released only four versions of Mac computers.

In addition, previous reports indicate that Apple is working hard to redesign the MacBook. Especially the pro version. On the other hand, the new design could include an HDMI connection, which enables the device to seamlessly connect to the display. On the other hand, it supports magnetic chargers.

Apple will also announce the macOS Monterey release date at tomorrow's press conference. In fact, the company officially revealed it in June but has not yet confirmed the release date.

Apple needs to pay more attention to MacBooks because the company didn't see any growth in this market from fiscal year 2017 to fiscal year 2020, including electronic devices, especially laptops.

The Cupertino giant hasn't rolled out many updates for Macs in the past few years, and perhaps the most notable update is Touch Bar support and USB-C port support.

Expectations also indicate that the new generation of M1 processors will increase the performance of the device in terms of graphics and gaming, which could be a reason to buy, especially since many users still rely on the M1 chipset.

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