Apple Watch removes hidden diagnostic port
Apple Watch removes hidden diagnostic port

The new Apple Watch Series 7 does not have a hidden diagnostic connector, which is located in the slot of the lower strap on all previous watch models.

The company uses the port for diagnostic purposes when servicing the Apple Watch, for example with special tools to restore watchOS over a wired connection.

Since the first model, the diagnostic connector has been a mysterious part of the wearable product line. But the new Apple Watch Series 7 has officially abandoned the six-pin connector. The company has removed the hidden panel and the internal port behind it.

The point of sale is not officially recognized on the website or in the company's records. A diagnostic connection briefly indicates that hardware accessories can be used to extend your Apple Watch.

The most famous of these is the spare strap, which attempts to extend the watch's battery life by incorporating an additional battery into a custom bracelet that plugs directly into the diagnostic port.

But Apple quickly prevented this possibility, banning the backup tape and all other attempts to use the port for useful purposes.

The lack of a diagnostic port on Apple Watch Series 7 models could explain the addition of the 60.5GHz wireless data module.

Last month, FCC documents showed that Apple Watch Series 7 models have a new module that can transmit data wirelessly at 60.5GHz.

The device has not yet been announced on the company's website and is for Apple's internal use only.

FCC documents indicate that the Apple Watch will only activate if it is placed on a special magnetic platform that contains the corresponding 60.5GHz module.

As a result, the company appears to be able to use the platform to wirelessly diagnose or restore watchOS on Apple Watch Series 7 models.

Apple can use wireless data transmission instead of ports

It should also be noted that the Apple Watch Series 7 model has an IP6X dust rating. Removing the diagnostic port may help.

Apple Watch Series 7 models will reach customers on Friday, October 15, and will be available in stores. Its main features include larger screens in 41mm and 45mm sizes. And durability is increased by IP6X dust-resistant. The inclusion of a USB-C fast charging cable and new colors increases charging speed by 33%.

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