Steve Jobs would prefer Android 12 over iOS 15
Steve Jobs would prefer Android 12 over iOS 15

Steve Jobs is one of the founders of Apple and widely known as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs. Jobs is an advocate of minimalist design. He was assisted by Joni Ive, the company's former design director. With functionality beside it now, Android 12 will be preferred over iOS 15.

The jobs were meticulous in the details. So much so that he called Vic Gandotra, VP of Communications at Google, and told him that the yellow in the second "o" of the Google logo wasn't good. He is waiting for him to solve this problem.

Over the years, iOS has had a simple and attractive design. But a lot has changed since the death of Jobs in 2011. Currently, iOS is constantly adding as many functions and features as possible.

The iPhone operating system now includes tools with dozens of different options in the Control Center to support third-party browsers and keyboard apps. According to experts, iOS 15 is taken to the extreme by simplified system identity.

On the other hand, the system most relevant to Jobs' first vision is Android 12. It adopts a design that is as simplistic as possible and at the same time dispenses with or removes functions and functions that users do not often use in the settings. .

Android 12 returns to the roots of iOS

Android 12 has all the functions and features that users can expect from any smartphone. But only Google simplifies the user experience as much as possible and makes the system easy to use and master.

IOS 15, on the other hand, isn't difficult or complicated, but the experience can be more challenging than Android 12, especially for those who haven't had an iPhone before.

In general, Steve Jobs is a simple lover. He does not like to exaggerate. This explains why the iPhone's widescreen didn't show up when it was still alive. Because he had never seen a mobile phone this big before.

If Jobs was still alive now and saw the iPhone 13 Pro Max weighing about 1/4 kilogram and the iOS system full of different settings and apps, he wouldn't like this situation.

On the other hand, Google has shown great interest in redesigning Android 12, which was clearly shown in the review video of the current system in the design language Material You. But shapes can never make one system better than another, but they are undoubtedly indispensable.

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