By default Windows 11 will reduce games performance on some devices
By default Windows 11 will reduce games performance on some devices

Microsoft aggressively promoted Windows 11 in the first few months. This is in preparation for the October 5th release. While the company has stated more than once that the new system is completely optimized for gaming, some devices may have bigger issues in this regard.

This is due to the security features that Microsoft has added to the operating system. This can have a huge impact on game performance and, according to PCGamer testing, causes a 28% drop in frame rate.

This problem occurs with preconfigured devices, especially devices that have Windows 11 installed as the default operating system.

This huge percentage can eliminate the difference between two generations of graphics cards. This is due to the scarcity of maps and the difficulty of accessing them from scratch. The main cause of this issue is Virtualization-Based Security (VBS).

This function protects the device from malware by simulating part of the isolation system based on hardware and software. When this feature works, the system creates a completely isolated part and only allows the operating system to access that part and store the secure files there.

Windows 11 slows down game performance by default

This issue can greatly affect game performance, but most users may not encounter it. It revolves around computers used by businesses and commercial services. If the user switches from Windows 10 to Windows 11, he will not be exposed to it.

On the other hand, buying a new PC with a new version of Windows pre-installed causes users to encounter this problem.

Microsoft talked about it in August. There you mentioned that the US Department of Defense would like VBS technology to appear on all devices except for the widely discussed TPM 2.0 chip. Hence the chip is an operating system requirement.

The company announced that it will work with its IT partners this year to bring VBS and other security technologies to all devices.

As part of our PC game testing, we tried a few games that programmatically turn VBS on or off. According to the observations, this has a significant impact on the game: they found that the performance of games like Horizon Zero Dawn decreased by 25% after enabling this technology. In Tomb Raider, that percentage is 28%.

So far, the solution to this problem has not been revealed. In particular, users cannot simply turn off VBS via settings, as this is a more mandatory function. But even today, many users can still use this function.

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