WhatsApp payments give you a bonus when you send money
WhatsApp payments give you a bonus when you send money

Facebook seeks to have a strong influence in the field of electronic payments. This may be evident in the Libra digital currency project, which has been postponed more than once. The company relies on the WhatsApp application that is currently available in the industry.

The most popular WhatsApp application offers payment services in only two countries, which are Brazil and India. This feature was first introduced in India in late 2019 and in Brazil in mid-2021.

With the WhatsApp payment function, you can easily send and receive money via the app. It is used by most of the users in the former countries especially India and it was mainly introduced to compete with Google Pay.

Currently, according to the private WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has started preparing a new feature that will allow users of its services to pay and transfer money. These rewards are also called cashback. Every time the user sends an amount to one of his friends, he gets a small economic reward.

According to the sources, the company is at an advanced stage in this new role. The code for the new feature appears in the source code of the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Pay Rewards

So far, Facebook has only made this new feature available to Indian users. This depends on the application code. But on the other hand, the company will not provide much financing in the plan.

In fact, he keeps 10 INR as cashback while paying. This amount is as easy as 14 cents. But there is no doubt that the amount can be worth it if the company pays for each transfer rather than just one.

According to the source, the user got the reward 48 hours after transferring the money via WhatsApp payment. As with this type of feature, it may not be available to all users at the same time, but the company can make it available only to users who haven't transferred any money yet to try out the feature.

Facebook is expected to start expanding this feature and making it available in additional countries/regions around the world. Mainly because Apple and Google do this with their own payment services.

When this feature becomes available worldwide, this feature is expected to be a huge hit as its green applications are in almost all mobile phones. But Facebook may have other plans or global problems due to its poor reputation for privacy.

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