Discord partners with EA to enable rich audiences
Discord partners with EA to enable rich audiences

Not too long ago, Discord introduced a feature called Rich Presence that allows developers to link their games to the platform to make it easier to navigate from the chat app.

Many studios have added single-player integrations for the game, but EA is now at the player level, so EA PC Games will show you in-game action with your cross-platform friends in more detail.

Starting today, you can link your Discord account using the EA app. Once you link the two, your cross-platform contacts via the EA app will see the game you're playing, how long you've been playing, and the specific game mode you're currently using.

You will also see if you are ready to join a group to play different things. The last point is important because it can help your friends to play games that they did not plan for when the platform was launched.

Previously, only friends could see what game you were playing and how long you had been playing. You can link your account by clicking 'My Account' and 'Connected Account' in the 'Settings' menu in the EA App.

EA said, “Many PC gamers use Discord for voice, video, and text communications to improve playing time with their friends. So, it makes sense to work together and improve the level of communication between our platforms.

"We are very excited that the EA app now offers a more connected experience," she added. Our team is made up of avid users of the platform and we expect our players to benefit from the rich presence.

The platform said, "Working with publishers and developers like EA makes us the best place to play games with friends." We are very excited to be able to use our abundant presence to make this experience even better.

Discord displays detailed information about EA games

The platform previously announced the launch of scheduled events that will allow users to plan ahead and give time to post and attend. Similar to a Facebook event.

The platform's scheduled events allow users to create an event with a topic name for a future date, allow members to respond to invitations to attend - and then send them a notification when the event starts - and create invite links for specific events.

Members can also browse the list of future events through the server. The scheduled events feature is available on desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

There is no time limit in which a coordinator can plan in advance for an event. However, there are up to 100 events at the same time.

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