Eazieplus 844 Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision
Eazieplus 844 Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision

Eazieplus 844 Pan/Tilt Outdoor Security Camera, 360° Outdoor Camera with Night Vision Function, Two-Way Audio, 1080P Wifi Home Security Camera, IP66 Waterproof, Voice Alarm, Auto Tracking, Cloud Service

1080P Full HD

Despite its small size, this small home security camera can still bring you clear images in 1080p resolution. It enables you to clearly see everything in your house/warehouse/yard.

2.4G WiFi and improved signal

This outdoor camera with 3D antenna can provide a strong signal that can cover a larger area. It works with 2.4G WiFi and provides you with a very smooth surveillance video.

Infrared night vision

The outdoor camera has a clear night vision and the night vision distance is 32 feet. When there is not enough light, it will automatically switch to night vision mode and you can see the monitoring image clearly in the dark.

Collaborate with Alexa

This security camera is suitable for Alexa. You can control the surveillance camera by voice and view the real-time surveillance images.

Support for multiple users and devices

The surveillance camera can help multiple people to watch the video at the same time. Support watching on iOS/Android/Windows/Mac. You can share it with your family to make sure of what happened at home.

Cloud storage and SD card

Surveillance and security cameras with financial-grade security technology. You can use an SD card (4-128GB) for 24/7 surveillance video storage or cloud storage that only records motion detection and stores the footage you want to record.

Eazieplus 844 Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision
Eazieplus 844 Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vision

  •  [Pan / Tilt & Ultra 1080P HD] When your kids or pets are playing in the park, you can use your mobile phone to tilt the security camera 270°/90°, 1080P picture quality allows you to look around easily. You can also zoom in on your phone 8 times to see the photos you want to monitor.
  • [Clear & Compact Night Vision] The outdoor camera has 8 infrared lights, and the clear night vision helps you to be attentive at home at all times. If someone knocks on your door at night, all you have to do is turn on the monitor to confirm the situation at the door.
  • [Real-time Two-Way Voice] When the courier delivers the parcel, you can talk to the courier in real time through the outdoor surveillance camera and ask them to help you drop the parcel at the specified location.
  • [Smart Detection + Mobile Notification] This home security camera with MIPC Mobile APP has automatic motion detection and tracking functions. If a thief/thief tries to break into your home, they will send you an alert and automatically record a video of the detected movement to the micro SD card/cloud of your choice.
  • [Perfect Outdoor Camera & MIPC/Conico APP] The IP66 waterproof surveillance camera operating in a temperature range of -2°F to 131°F, no matter in rain, snow or bad weather, can work normally. In addition, the camera also supports online multi-user, so you and your family can also take care of your home together.

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