Everything you need to know about the metaverse
Everything you need to know about the metaverse

In the past few months, the term metaverse has become very popular. This technology is known as a technology that replaces the current form of the Internet. After Facebook announced that it would be rolling out to the Metaverse in the future, the importance of this technology doubled.

This technique can be difficult to explain and understand. Perhaps the main reason is that it does not exist yet. It can be described as a largely fictional technology. But this does not mean that it cannot be achieved. Especially in light of the strong interest from companies like Facebook, Epic Games, Roblox, etc.

There is more than one way to think of the Metaverse. But the simple description of this is that it is a global network-based world, a virtual world of course. This means that the player can, for example, see updates from Facebook using augmented reality glasses in the world of Fortnite.

The term Yuanjie first appeared in a fantasy novel called "Avalanche". The world of the Metaverse has been described as a 3D virtual world where people can live and interact. However, this novel is largely a dystopia.

The same idea appeared in other later literary works such as The First Player. But all of this work agrees that the Metaverse is a completely virtual world, but based on near-realistic interaction.

Everything you need to know about the metaverse

We can also better understand this idea through Facebook's own description of this virtual world, especially since Facebook is the biggest investor among them, saying: "Metaworld is a virtual world made up of entire virtual spaces. Even if they are far apart, they can still create content and meet."

This technology has fundamentally changed social communication in general and video conferencing in particular. It can be replaced with an office or classroom replacement.

In this new world, the traditional site becomes a 3D stage with activities for the visitors. This is in addition to the 3D graphics and various character designs. You have a keen interest in video communication face to face.

This world can enable any user to create and design their own mini world. The first thing we might learn is that entering this world may require customized products and equipment, such as augmented reality and virtual reality goggles, and possibly sensors and equipment attached to them, hands and feet, to simulate movements.

Facebook doesn't want to design and create the Meta-universe, it wants to be a part of it. The same goes for companies like Epic Games. While Facebook can be described as an "island" in this world, other companies will have hundreds of other islands and all means of communication will be internal.

It just means that if the description is correct, then the world is not owned by any particular company or entity. It will not be available to everyone. Just like the internet.

Some experts generally reject this idea because it is not very different from the Internet we use today, which consists of different sites, applications, and services. Some people believe that the current internet could become a portent if augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies are fully supported.

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