What Happens Ten Years After Apple Releases Siri?
What Happens Ten Years After Apple Releases Siri?

When Apple launched Siri in 2011, it made a huge impact. This technology was very attractive at the time, as if it came from the future.

Apple demonstrated this technology at the iPhone 4s conference. Phil Schiller, an Apple executive, explained at the time that the technology was mostly based on simple, easy-to-understand phrases such as: “Call my dad,” “Dial 555-222,” “Run Beethoven.”

He then stated that the company believes users may not need to talk about other things using their smartphone. Or ask him tough questions. The release of Siri was a tough time for the company. At the same time that Steve Jobs died, Tim Cook resumed his then-unknown position.

Ten years after the introduction of this feature, which was later described as a game-changer, it had not produced the desired effect. Schiller himself described it as disappointing. However, all of us have many stories and memories about Siri.

Not because she is smart or useful, but because she is very stupid. This happens when you miss something simple or don't understand the obvious. At this time, Apple has not played a big role in the competition in the smart assistant market. In fact, Google's personal assistant has proven its value on smartphones, while Amazon's Alexa has proven its value on smart home devices.

Apple and its personal assistant, Siri

When Siri was launched in 2011, it received many positive reviews. This is because it was a revolutionary technology at the time. But current reviews aren't optimistic, which is unfortunate considering that Apple has spent a full ten years developing Siri.

In general, Siri has a lot of difficulty understanding user-oriented instructions. For example, if a user says to Siri, “Send a message to Ahmed, Mohamed, and Alaa that the meeting is on Tuesday,” Siri could interpret it as: “Send a message to Ahmed that Mohamed and Alaa will meet on Tuesday.”

Siri was the first widely adopted personal assistant, but competitors were already impatient with Apple. Samsung launched its own personal assistant in 2012, and in the same year, Google launched its own assistant. In 2014, Microsoft introduced Cortana, an assistant, and in the same year, Amazon's Alexa was launched for the first time.

In the years since, ratings and reviews haven't given Siri a positive rating. It is described as weak and difficult to understand.

Perhaps the main problem with Siri is that it has not expanded its horizons over the years. He can make calls or send messages. But it doesn't work well for answering complex questions or even handling complex jobs.

Some experts believe that the main reason behind the delay in the development of Siri is Apple's privacy. Since the company does not collect data like Google, it mainly relies on collecting user data. However, this reason may not be convincing for many people.

Today, Siri's situation is still difficult. On the other hand, since the development is very slow, on the other hand, Apple does not dare to do without this set of services. Apple could focus more on developing Siri in the coming years, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence.

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