Facebook Adds Shared Broadcasting to Facebook Gaming
Facebook Adds Shared Broadcasting to Facebook Gaming

Facebook has added cross-streaming to Facebook Gaming, a useful feature that has been missing from Twitch contests since it was introduced in 2018.

While the Twitch version of the Squad Stream feature requires you to be a Twitch partner, Facebook offers everyone shared live streams.

The company stated that the games are becoming more integrated with each other. We are therefore pleased to announce the commencement of a joint live game broadcast on Facebook for all video game manufacturers. Based on community feedback, we've learned that shared live broadcasts can greatly improve YouTubers' live streaming experience.

She added, "Our goal is to use co-streaming to make content creators more discoverable, encourage collaboration between creators, and improve the overall viewing experience."

This feature allows users to collaborate and broadcast with each other, and viewers can switch between shared broadcasts and choose the perspective from which they want to see the action.

This functionality was previously available to broadcast manufacturers in the Service Partners Program. But it is now undergoing a broader exit. This functionality is currently limited to four participants in the submission process.

In short, playing the same game with another person is mutually beneficial. Starting a broadcast involves coding up to three other creators during broadcast setup or after a live broadcast from the left column in Live Producer.

Cross-broadcasting not only allows creators to understand each other and their audience, but also to view the same game from different angles.

All Facebook game makers can now participate

During the pandemic, ratings for both Twitch and Facebook Gaming have skyrocketed. Facebook Gaming watch time increases by 82% every year.

Through the tedious process of becoming an affiliate, adding subscriber broadcasters without the need for broadcasters can help make the Facebook gaming platform more attractive.

Facebook Gaming is slowly improving its functionality. In fact, the goal is to get a larger share of the game broadcasting monopoly that is currently dominated by YouTube Gaming and Amazon's Twitch.

The service can approach the growth of YouTube Gaming. We're still far from Twitch in terms of game and watch time.

A large part of Facebook Gaming's strategy is to create a large-scale partnership program for content creators. Maintains a close relationship with the company and conducts tests and comments on new programs such as cross broadcasts.

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