AIWIEP Camera Alarm Clock Calculator Kids Smart Watch
AIWIEP Camera Alarm Clock Calculator Kids Smart Watch

AIWIEP Kids Smart Watch Kids Smart Watch For Boys And Girls With 16 Games Music Player Camera Alarm Clock Calculator 12/24 Hours Touch Screen 4-12 Birthday Kids Educational Toys

 Continuous watch boy and girl 4-12 years old

This is a smart watch specially designed for kids and kids. The watch uses a 1.54-inch color LCD touch screen. All functions are built-in smart watches for children. There is no need to connect to a mobile phone or download an app. It is easy for children to use and can effectively help children exercise their hands and eyes. The ability to coordinate, interact and develop creative thinking. Great birthday gift for boys and girls between 3 and 12 years old.

16 educational games

Kids Play Smart Watch contains 16 educational games that children can use to learn in the field of entertainment and effectively train response, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination.

Parents can adjust playtime to prevent children from participating.

camera and photography

Kids smart watches are equipped with HD cameras and Velcro with attractive built-in effects that can take the best pictures of your kids and capture interesting things in the real world.

Kids can record everything from action videos to selfies with just one tap, capture every wonderful moment in their life and leave sweet childhood memories.

6+ Change theme mode

3+ change theme, 3+ time mode.

Kids smart watch has a 1.45 inch HD touch screen to keep kids happy in their search for different things.

MP3 music and video player

Kids smart watch has high quality music functions. Supports high-quality songs in MP3 format so that children can enjoy a variety of musical awakenings and indoctrination from an early age.

If your child wants to listen to more music, you can download it from your computer (save the mp3 file to "My Music Folder" in the micro SD card).

Use the calculator to study effectively

The excellent educational tools included in children's watches help children calculate quickly and accurately and improve learning efficiency.

Kids can help kids solve simple math problems with clear presentation and numeric addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations.

alarm management time

Children's clock can be set with three alarms so that children can do their own things on time, so that they keep a good sense of time.

Use this children's smart watch to set an alarm so that each child can become a master of time and learn how to manage their time effectively.

AIWIEP Camera Alarm Clock Calculator Kids Smart Watch
AIWIEP Camera Alarm Clock Calculator Kids Smart Watch

  •  [New Kids Smart Watch 2021]: The smart watch for kids has 1.54 inch HD touch screen / game / mobile phone / VCR / pedometer / MP3 music / alarm clock / five languages ​​/ calculator / calendar and other functions. No need to download the app, it is very easy to use for kids and best gift for 3-14 year old boys and girls for birthday or holiday.
  • [Camera and Photography]: Children's smart watches, HD cameras, magic stickers with cute effects built in, describe the best children's photos, capture interesting things in the real world, record and release every wonderful moment in life, you are a fond memory of childhood.
  • [Music and Video Player]: The children's smart watch has high-quality music functions. Supports high-quality songs in MP3 format and can be connected to a computer via USB to transmit children's favorite music or audio stories, giving children a variety of music awakening training from the beginning.
  • [16 Games and Reminder Alarm] The kids smart watch has 16 puzzles to help children learn in the field of entertainment, effectively training children's response, thinking, hand-eye coordination. In addition, the children's watch can set 3 alarm clocks. Kids complete their tasks on time and give them a good sense of time.
  • [Fitness Tracker]: Including a healthy motion sensor for active gaming challenges, a pedometer to count steps and calories

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