Facebook corruption is exposed while it is at its weakest
Facebook corruption is exposed while it is at its weakest

It's been really hard on Facebook lately. The problem started when the company exposed dangerous files in a case called Facebook Files, and it continued until all of the company's services were completely shut down for more than six hours.

The leak of internal company documents continued in the Wall Street Journal for several days. Before her identity was revealed, the "corrupt whistleblower" was Frances Hoggin, a former product manager on Facebook's Citizen Security team.

These documents explain how Facebook deals with the harm that its products can do to users. She emphasized that after conducting research, the company already knows that Instagram is a toxic and harmful network for teens, especially girls.

In addition, the leak revealed that Facebook can do whatever it takes to maintain its own growth and bottom line. The company prioritizes these factors to ensure the digital and psychological safety of users.

Frances Hogan managed to leak a large number of classified documents before she left the company in April of last year. This includes the company's algorithm to display content that interacts with users, even if it is malicious. Even the research conducted by Facebook, it was treated in the strictest confidence due to its negative results.

Expose corruption on Facebook

Senator Amy Klobuchar explained that she focused on a specific question at Hogan's hearing, which is how Facebook can access the digital security of children and teens and is particularly forgiving.

Hogan previously said that the US company is completely focused on the money, despite being forced to show content that harms children and teens. In fact, the platform relies on interaction between users as a key element in user sustainability.

The company is expected to face legal penalties in the near future, and those responsible for these issues will begin to formally bring the case into question. It should be noted that the US Congress has made it clear that it wants to complete the investigation into Hogan's statements on the one hand and punish Facebook on the other.

Republicans and Democrats in the United States began to act. And there are indications that the company will face major problems for some time to come, especially since the documents Hogan disclosed are official within the company.

This all happened in the face of recent WhatsApp issues and undermining user privacy. In addition, Instagram has not escaped recent allegations that the platform harms teens and young adults and that it focuses on interesting content rather than artistic or educational content.

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