Facebook had to post Facebook Files itself
Facebook had to post Facebook Files itself

Recently, Facebook has been hit by several consecutive shocks. It all started when an unknown person leaked the so-called Facebook profiles that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, a trusted source.

These documents cover shocking facts about how companies treat youth. According to the leak, the company's Instagram platform has posted inappropriate content for children and teens. This is in addition to describing it as a toxic platform.

The source of the leak later became known: she was the former project manager of the company. Additionally, Facebook has published a comprehensive guide to the mental health of teens and children on Instagram.

The Verge has reached out to some people within the company, and the best thing Facebook can do is make Facebook files available to all users at the start of the issue as they will be leaked anyway.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems in this case is that Facebook decided to hide these files from the public. These documents, valued in the tens of thousands, contain the results of the company's own research and draw negative conclusions about the degree of psychological damage caused by its platform.

Facebook had to post Facebook Files itself

This issue can be considered the biggest problem the company has faced since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In general, issues with digital security and user privacy are the least common with companies like Facebook.

Perhaps the company's own publication of the Facebook profile would make this situation less detrimental to the company. Because this expresses the company's transparency and its real desire to correct mistakes.

To make matters worse, all of the company's services and products have been suspended for up to six hours. Some people may think that the last problem is related to a service outage, but this is still unknown.

The company and its CEO will soon face legal responsibility and hearings to oversee the company's moves. And don't forget that the leaked documents reveal two main things. The first is that Facebook prioritizes profit and growth. On the other hand, if it affects earnings, it won't stop hate speech or evil.

In addition, the Facebook profile also contains information about the polarization, unwillingness to vaccinate against the coronavirus, and the negative effects on the self-esteem of young people.

The company’s platform has changed its algorithm more than once recently to maximize traffic and level of engagement, because without a high level of engagement, no social media platform can achieve profitability or growth.

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