Facebook knows it hurts people
Facebook knows it hurts people

After Frances Haugen, a former project manager, announced a few days ago that she was responsible for leaking confidential documents on Facebook, everyone turned to Facebook and its CEO. Facebook documents and published on Wall Street.

Former project manager Francis Haugen has expressed strong dissatisfaction with Facebook's actions and products. The House of Representatives committee demanded that measures be taken in this case to limit the "disaster" caused by the company's products to users.

Hoogen said this more than once, noting that the company prioritizes profit and growth. They are free to push their earnings beyond the safety and intelligence of users as they see fit.

Additionally, Haugen stated that Facebook knew it was hurting people. Since the platform's algorithm relies on the source content regardless of the quality of the content, it generates as much user interaction as possible. In many cases this content is harmful.

Hoogen believes that Mark Zuckerberg is fully responsible for these actions. She also noted that Facebook's algorithm can direct young users to content related to anorexia, for example, rather than content with unique recipes.

Facebook knows it hurts people

After her identity was revealed, Hoogen officially stated that what she had seen and heard while working at the company was far more terrifying than any behavior she had observed while working for a large company. This is because she has worked for companies like Google, Yelp, and Pinterest.

She publicly stated that she had tens of thousands of internal documents before resigning in May. She said in her official statement that there is an ongoing struggle within Facebook that revolves around two factors, one related to digital security and the other over profit. But every time the company tends to guarantee profits.

Hugin also made a very serious statement. She said that while she believed the company would use its unlimited resources to "eliminate" it, it did the right thing. She said she took these steps because no one outside the company was aware of the actual internal situation, including government departments.

Perhaps Hogan's biggest motivation for leaking this data was to disband his internal emergency team after the 2020 US election, after which 75% of the team left other positions or left the company entirely.

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