Facebook's mental health tools are misplaced
Facebook's mental health tools are misplaced

Facebook has recently had recurring problems. Perhaps the most important problem is the "Facebook profile". Thousands of internal corporate documents were leaked during this period, with the leaks spreading first through the Wall Street Journal and then through newspapers.

These leaked documents include studies and reports detailing the company's behavior toward teens and children, as well as hundreds of other related reports. The leak also revealed that Facebook does not care about the mental health of users of any age and is only interested in profit and growth.

Little by little information keeps coming out, but Facebook took both positive and negative actions on World Health Day in mid-October, providing tools to raise awareness and help improve mental health.

The emergence of these tools is due to a lack of interest in the algorithm that Instagram uses for adolescent mental health, as evidenced by the leaks. The company also said it worked with mental health experts around the world to develop these tools.

Facebook's Mental Health Tools have a digital hub on their website with plenty of resources to keep them calm, but the company didn't advertise the page enough... for some reason.

Facebook tools for mental health

The company has also created a racing page on its digital hub that specifically targets blacks, Asians, and Latinos, as well as the American community. Although these are dedicated pages, the content they contain is mostly public.

The company also relies on World Health Organization sources, including the organization's chatbots via WhatsApp. There is also a dedicated bot chat room to help single people. The company also said it is developing an improved digital suicide prevention center.

Of course, the company's efforts are respectable, especially in sensitive areas such as mental health. However, the company spokesperson is, "Look, we've done a lot for mental health. Don't believe the reports on us."

Although the platform has billions of users outside the United States, it does not share resources related to any particular country or religion.

According to a large number of reports from various platforms, the real goal of Facebook is not to improve the mental health of users, but to show itself as a champion, especially in crisis situations.

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