Firefox adds support for autofill passwords on Android
Firefox adds support for autofill passwords on Android

Firefox for Android has added support for autocomplete passwords, and Mozilla Foundation Browser is one of the best web browsers for Android because it has many useful features that make it an alternative to Google Chrome.

This functionality was introduced in version 93 of the Android browser and gives you quick access to the passwords stored in the browser.

It's normal to forget complex passwords for several different accounts. This has resulted in many Internet users setting simple, easy-to-guess passwords on multiple websites or using the same password on multiple websites.

Mozilla hopes to prevent this from happening by providing you with a built-in password manager to store and protect all of your passwords using your biometric technology.

Even if it is not new. But Firefox goes further and allows you to automatically enter passwords into third-party applications.

Although many browsers can save your passwords, you can only use those saved passwords in the browser itself.

Firefox removes this limitation in its latest update, which means that it can act as a system-wide password manager.

When prompted for a password, a drop-down menu will appear to select Firefox as an option, after which it will automatically enter the saved password for the service.

You need to enable the new Autofill setting in other apps. This is to access this function via parameters, then login and password.

Firefox will keep your password

When you create an account on any website using your smartphone, the browser gives you the option to save the password for that account on your device.

The next time you log in, you can enter your saved password. You can also use the saved password to log into the relevant app without the need for a special password manager app.

For example, if you save your Instagram password through your browser and try to log in through the Instagram app on your phone, you can enter the saved password automatically.

Your password is protected by biometric technology. This step is very useful for Mozilla because users who don't want a dedicated password manager can still safely store their passwords. This functionality has been released for users using the browser version 93.

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