One of the biggest drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch is still there
One of the biggest drawbacks of the Nintendo Switch is still there

For many years Nintendo Switch owners have been using the Joy-Con handheld console issues, and users have reported strange console movement issues resulting in incorrect input even though they weren't touched. .

Over time, the problem got worse. This is one of the platform's biggest drawbacks. The company has been silent on this subject for many years.

Nintendo didn't want to say if the new OLED-equipped Switch platform would fix this problem. But the company radically broke its silence, noting that this problem may not be completely resolved.

In a new Q&A about the development of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the company announced that it has made invisible improvements to Joy-Cons to make them more reliable.

The Nintendo Switch Lite 2019 included console is no different from the original Nintendo Switch 2017 console. It's constantly getting better.

But the company's CEO, Ko Shiota, who is also the company's chief technology development officer, basically said that Joy-Con will always erode over time.

Never expect Nintendo to completely solve the problem

“When the car is moving, the tire wears out because it remains in contact with the ground and rotates,” Yantian said. So, under the same premise, we asked ourselves how can we improve sustainability, and not only that, but how to live with usability and sustainability is a problem we often encounter.

He added: The Joy-Con's analog joystick components aren't what you can buy off the shelf, they're custom built. So we thought a lot about improving it. In addition, we have improved the reliability test itself and continued to make changes to improve durability.

The company has stated that the controller that comes with the Nintendo Switch OLED model is the latest version with all the upgrades, just like the controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Joy-Con, and Pro controllers.

“Since its inception, the analog joystick components have been constantly improved and we are still working hard to improve ourselves,” said Toru Yamashita, Deputy General Manager. When the Joy-Con performs repairs to the hardware, the company will also use the latest Joy-Con versions for the repairs.

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