Google faces a Russian fine over its revenue in the country
Google faces a Russian fine over its revenue in the country

Russia said this month that it tried to fine US tech giant Google a percentage of its annual sales in Russia for repeatedly failing to remove illegal content.

Communications regulator Roskomnadzor said Google has not paid a fine of 32.5 million rubles ($458,100) so far this year and is currently aiming to impose a 5-20% fine on Google sales in Russia, which could amount to 240 million rubles. U.S. dollar.

Russia has put pressure on foreign technology companies to increase control over the country's internet.

Since March, this has slowed down the Twitter platform's running speed. It also often imposes fines on those who violate its content.

Opposition activists accused Google and Apple of capitulating to Kremlin pressure after removing tactical anti-government voting apps from their stores.

Roskomnadzor said in October that he was asking the court to fine the social media company Facebook. References to the law signed by President Vladimir Putin in December 2020.

"We filed a similar complaint against Google in October," Roskomnadzor said in an email to Reuters. Note that the company also has a YouTube video hosting site.

Russia imposes sanctions on Google

The Spark Business database shows that the turnover of Google in Russia will reach 85.5 billion rubles by 2020. Fines range from 5% to 20% and range from 430 to 17.1 billion rubles.

The search giant is currently battling a court ruling requiring it to unblock banned Russian merchant accounts on YouTube or pay double fines on total sales, double sales each week, and force the company to cease operations after a few months of payment. .

Tsargrad TV, the TV presenter of the sanctioned Russian businessman, said he had cut off negotiations with the company to unblock his YouTube account. The American group is accused of slowing down the negotiation process.

The American company was bound by a Moscow court order to unblock the Tsargrad TV account on YouTube. It is the Orthodox channel of Konstantin Malofeev, which is subject to financial sanctions from the United States and the European Union.

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