Sony brings PS5 footage to your phone automatically
Sony brings PS5 footage to your phone automatically

Sony has announced that it is testing a way to share screenshots and videos taken on the PlayStation 5 platform using the PlayStation app.

This new feature is part of a limited beta version available to all PlayStation 5 users in Canada and Japan.

With this feature, users can easily access screenshots and videos on their phones for direct sharing on social media. This is not intended to release the annoying input function directly from the platform.

After activating this function, the platform automatically uploads all materials to the cloud. The new snapshot should appear in the application. Share via social networks or share directly with your friends and PSN group members in the app.

The company said: Videos and screenshots of games created manually through the PlayStation 5 platform will be available on the PlayStation app for 14 days.

You don't need a PlayStation Plus subscription to use this feature, at least for this beta version.

However, the clip must have a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to be displayed in the app. Sony has announced that it will not download any clips in higher resolutions.

If you delete a screenshot or video from the PlayStation 5 platform, you can still access it through the PlayStation app.

The company has a page for more information. However, some issues can arise with access.

Sony is testing a feature that will make it easier to share PS5 screenshots

After the Nintendo Switch platform was the best-selling game console in the United States for nearly three years, it was replaced by the PlayStation 5.

In terms of total sales and payments as of September 2021, PlayStation 5 is the best-selling gaming platform.

September 2021 ended 33 consecutive months of significant sustainable growth as the Nintendo Switch leads the market in terms of unit numbers.

Compared to September last year, total sales of video game consoles in the United States increased by 49% in September 2021. So far, total sales for this year are $3.4 billion.

This heralded the return of gaming consoles. Before the Nintendo Switch began to dominate, Sony's gaming consoles were led by the PlayStation 4.

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