Google Meet introduces new voice and video locks
Google Meet introduces new voice and video locks

Google Meet is getting a new audio and video lock feature that allows presenters to mute other attendees' microphones and cameras.

The new feature basically allows you to mute users and prevent them from restarting it before unlocking it.

Earlier this year, Google introduced a feature that allows a host to mute everyone at the same time during a conference call.

This last feature goes further and prevents participants from reactivating the voice at any time during the call.

Once the host activates the audio or video lock in the main meeting, it is also applied to the next room.

However, changing the lock settings in the adjoining room does not affect the settings in other adjoining rooms or the main conference.

The company said the audio and video lock allows the host to decide when users at different levels can join so they can better control the meeting.

The audio and video lock also allows the host to release annoying meeting attendees.

It's important to note that attendees using versions of Android and iOS apps that don't support the new features will be removed from the meeting if the host has turned on the audio or video lock.

When users try to join a meeting that is currently closed, they will be asked to update their app so that they can join the meeting.

However, if the organizer turns the lock off, attendees can join the meeting again.

Google Meet monitoring just got easier

The new audio and video blocking feature will be offered to all Google Workspace customers as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.

In the past few months, the company has rolled out several features for Google Meet. In the era of working from home sparked by the pandemic, the competition continues with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The company introduced a new feature last month that automatically adjusts webcam brightness. In April, Google also released an updated user interface and other features for the Google Meet platform.

The video conferencing platform is also collaborating with other services such as in order to retain more users.

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