AIRROBO P10 2600Pa Strong Suction Power Robotic Vacuums
AIRROBO P10 2600Pa Strong Suction Power Robotic Vacuums

AIRROBO P10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2600Pa Strong Suction Power, Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connection, APP Control, Can Be Used With Alexa and Google Home, Auto Charging, Very Suitable For Hard Floors, Carpets, Animal Hair,

 Tired of spending a lot of time cleaning the floor every day? Do you want to keep the floor clean without moving your fingers?

Let Hoover Robot do the work for you.

AIRROBO aims to apply advanced technology to the family to make life easier and more comfortable.
Something you really like.

AIRROBO P10 robotic vacuum cleaner is suitable for most types of floors, carpets with short pile and animal hair and cleans the most common household waste. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and works with the Tuya Smart App to start/stop your robot or mobile phone simply with your voice.

car brush

The improved Nidec motor technology has a longer life, lower power consumption and lower noise level.

2600Pa strong suction power

The AIRROBO p10 sweeping robot has a strong suction power of 2600Pa, which can easily pick up and clean all the dirt, dust, hair, animal hair and debris.

140 minutes of autonomy

The p10 sweeping robot is powered by a 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery and can work continuously for 140 minutes to meet the cleaning needs from living room to bedroom.

big trash

Equipped with a 510ml large dust box, easy to disassemble and assemble. Frequent removal of dirt is not necessary.

slim design

They're thinner than most robotic vacuums, can slip under more furniture, and pick up a lot of hidden debris.

Skip the obstacles

The AIRROBO vacuum cleaner can exceed a threshold of 0.47 inches and climb a 15-degree incline to ensure uninterrupted cleaning.


Ultra-intelligent anti-collision technology enables the robot to avoid obstacles.


The slope detection sensor constantly monitors the condition of the floor to prevent the robot vacuum from going down the stairs

automatic charging

When the battery is low, it automatically returns to the charging station to make sure it's always charged and ready for cleaning.

AIRROBO P10 2600Pa Strong Suction Power Robotic Vacuums
AIRROBO P10 2600Pa Strong Suction Power Robotic Vacuums

  •  Powerful Suction: Powerful suction of 2600Pa sucks dirt and debris from the surface and from deep within the carpet, effectively removing hair, dust and other particles from the floor.
  • Japanese Brushless Motor: The latest brushless motor makes AIRROBO P10 more reliable, more durable, quieter and more energy efficient.
  • Smart APP and Voice Control: With the Tuya APP, you can easily set the cleaning schedule, change the cleaning mode, select the suction mode, and control the cleaning direction. With Alexa and Google Assistant, you can start or stop cleaning with your voice. Note: If the indicator light keeps flashing quickly during the first charge, please refer to the Tuya APP according to the instruction manual.
  • AIRROBO will be your smart friend in your home or office. You can adjust the suction power according to the floor material and change it with the remote control.
  • AIRROBO works hard and you will love it. Once fully charged, it can run continuously for 140 minutes, traverse 0.47-inch obstacles, and climb 15-degree slopes. Cleaning marks, stains, edges, and saw teeth will not damage your furniture and walls. Falling or colliding is prohibited.

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