Has Apple successfully discontinued the iPhone S version?
Has Apple successfully discontinued the iPhone S version?

iPhone sales are high every year. Therefore, Apple is trying to give every user enough reasons to switch to a new version of their smartphone. Maybe the S version will switch between this and that.

The first version of the iPhone S appeared in 2009, the iPhone 3GS, and to this day no one knows the abbreviation of this letter. However, Phil Schiller mentioned that the letter S is an abbreviation of the word Speed, which stands for speed and refers to the faster version of the iPhone.

The S version of the iPhone expresses a minor update to the phone. Above all, this sparked discussions about whether Apple had successfully released the S version of the iPhone.

This is because the S version of any iPhone means that this phone will not be much different from its predecessor. So don't buy it now, buy a new one next year.

In general, Apple did not release the S version of its smartphone very often. Here is a summary of all the versions that received additional S versions, of course without taking the 3GS into account:

  • 1. iPhone 4
  • 2. iPhone5
  • 2. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • 3. iPhone X

Some of these versions are said to have some great features, such as the iPhone 4S with the introduction of Siri, the iPhone 5S with the fingerprint sensor, and the iPhone 6S with the camera.

Apple will not release the S version of the iPhone

With the introduction of the iPhone 8, Apple's strategy began to change. This phone is just an updated version of the iPhone 7. However, the company did not come out on behalf of the 7s, but instead moved to a new number.

Apple then re-used the S name in the XS version, including the updated XS Max with a larger screen. As a result, Apple dropped that title, which is a good move.

As of the iPhone 11, we haven't seen an S version, although there are slight changes between generations. Since this year's iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 have been added in recent years, there is no complicated naming.

Perhaps Apple decided to drop this name is the right choice, the iPhone 13 may be more successful under the current name rather than appearing as the iPhone 12S, especially since it does not bring many improvements.

Along with these changes, Apple has started making a new version of its mobile phone, the "mini" version. In terms of retail prices, this version is another disadvantage of Apple, especially as it associates its name with the word mini / small, which has psychological effects in terms of deficiency or weakness.

So the name of the iPhone release in 2022 can be changed again as follows:

  • 1. iPhone14
  • 2. iPhone 14 max
  • 3. iPhone 14 Pro
  • 4. iPhone 14 Pro Max

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