Google Play Edition versions for Android phones and why they disappeared
Google Play Edition versions for Android phones and why they disappeared

Google has been developing the Android operating system for many years and still is. The popular operating system has gone through a busy period in its history and has also seen its ups and downs. Tech buffs may still prefer the Android version, which doesn't include any major changes.

This is where smartphone manufacturers are radically changing Android to add their own user interface. But the majority of users do not like it. This led to the creation of the Google Play version smartphones.

These versions, called GPE, allow for smartphone versions with the same specifications but without pre-installed apps and functions, and most of the changes have been removed.

Google officially presented this idea at the Google I / O 2013 conference and at the same time released the GPE version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has an interface closer to the original Android system and is only sold through the Google Store.

The price of this phone is $650, while the regular version is $580. This sums up the idea behind Google Play Releases, which is supposed to deliver the original Android version of flagship phones.

Google Play Edition for Android smartphones

Google is very supportive of his new ideas and has also received support from other manufacturers. In the same year, the GPE version of the HTC One was $600 while the standard version was $575.

These phones have the same problem as all Google devices, and they are low global availability. What makes the GPE version difficult is that it is more expensive than the regular version.

Later, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra was released in 2014, but this time the price of the GPE version was lower, but later the prices of both versions were lowered and all GPE versions were sold only to the United States.

Phones like the Moto G and HTC One M8 came out later. The Google Play Edition project was completed in just two years because Google was not very patient with it. Since the end of the project in 2015, Google has not considered resuming it except for Android One.

The reason for the disappearance of these versions is that on the one hand it is difficult to continue to produce two copies for each cell phone, and on the other hand these cell phones are provided by Google itself, so the problem of global distribution remains.

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