IBM develops programming technology based on natural language
IBM develops programming technology based on natural language

Most of the products that millions of people rely on every day, from apps to smart home devices, rely on programming. It looks like we're on the verge of being able to program in our natural language without writing code.

This is because a few months ago, IBM announced a project called CodeNet. It is the same method as the ImageNet project because it provides access to a huge database of images based on the computer's deep learning and its personal descriptions.

CodeNet is also available as a database, but for code i.e. code, it has more than 14 million code samples available. It can solve more than 4000 software problems.

As IBM explained, it depends on the project in different processes. It will also automatically identify the code of existing systems based on artificial intelligence.

In addition, the CodeNet project uses a natural language in the programming process. In recent years, companies led by Google and OpenAI have stepped up their efforts to develop Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

natural language programming

CodeNet can understand the natural language we are speaking and then turn it into well-designed code. Natural language is defined as the language spoken by humans such as Arabic, English, French and others.

This technique makes the programming process much easier, of course, it is a difficult process that requires excellent skills. Here the user can program only in his native language, for example by writing in English: "Create a website with a red background with a picture of a blue plane, my company logo and my email."

Then the AI ​​converts your request into usable code. As you might expect, the quality of the work may not be the same as what people do, but it's still a very useful feature.

It is likely that Microsoft will be involved in similar projects, especially after acquiring the well-known programming platform GitHub a few years ago, which contains as much open source code as possible.

NLC and NLP technologies will grow exponentially over the next few years, and it is a huge investment in and of itself for leading technology companies. It is expected that projects from IBM, Google and Microsoft will appear in this area in the future.

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